Christian Croona




Creative with a Front-end development, UX and team focus

I have a passion for creating and developing concepts and ideas together with other people, from idea to going live. I believe in the power of a team to find solutions and question those solutions before going into implementation.

What I’m always looking for is solutions, whether it’s a solution to a coding problem, how to get the team motivated again or how to open a can of beans. I do concept development, front end web development, prototyping and user testing. But most of all I’m interested in being part of a great team and have fun.

I think the best environment for ideas and challenges isn’t one where you are condescending towards someone just because they aren’t running linux on their machine, but rather finding energy from differences, how small (like in this example) or big they might be.


Hyper Island, Mobile creative, 2015-2016

KTH (Technical university), Studies in media technology, Bachelor in HCI, 2008-2012 (not graduated)


Resume for download